S²ERC - The Cost Effective Source For Cutting Edge Rresearch

Reasons to Become a Member of S²ERC – or – “How I Leveraged My Research Dollars”:

  • Customized research projects tailored to your need
  • A 7:1 to a 10:1 return on investment, as measured by S²ERC affiliates
  • Exploit innovations that may lead to new products
  • Improve software quality and productivity of software engineers, designers, and architects
  • Access to expertise in new security and software engineering technology
  • Use of unique laboratories and facilities with low overhead costs
  • Networking opportunities with industry and government leaders
  • Technical reports, on-site short courses and seminars
  • Summer interns, potential future employees
  • Free use (for Full Members) of software developed by the center
  • Free use of intellectual property developed by the center (an affiliate can negotiate exclusive licensing if desired and approved by the other affiliates)