Clare Sullivan, S2ERC at Georgetown Managing Director

Professor Clare Sullivan is a cyber-law lawyer specializing in digital identity, privacy and cyber security. She is a  Visting Professor and Fellow of the Institute for National Security and the Law at the Georgetown University Law Center. Professor Sullivan has a PhD in cyber law and was awarded both a Fulbright scholarship and an Australian government Endeavor Fellowship for her research in this field. She is the author of internationally published articles on digital identity and cyber security in Australia, the UK, Europe, and the US, the first report on trade-based money laundering, and of 'Digital Identity,' a legal study of the implications of digital identity for individuals, businesses, and government. Prior to coming to Georgetown University, Professor Sullivan was faculty at the University of South Australia and was in a legal practice in Australia and internationally with Baker & McKenzie. 

Eric Burger, S2ERC Co-Director, Georgetown Site Director (on assignment)

Dr. Burger is on temporary assignment under the Intergovernment Personnel Act as the Chief Technology Officer of the Federal Communications Commission. For inquiries about the S2ERC, please contact Clare Sullivan.

Dr. Burger is Research Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. Prior to Georgetown he was CTO of a number of public, private equity, and venture-backed companies in the Internet, communications, and enterprise software markets.



Micah Sherr

Micah Sherr is an associate professor in Computer Science Department at Georgetown University. His academic interests include privacy-preserving technologies, electronic voting, wiretap systems, and network security. Prior to arriving at Georgetown, he participated in two large-scale studies of electronic voting machine systems, and helped to disclose numerous architectural vulnerabilities in U.S. election systems. His current research examines the security properties of legally authorized wiretap (interception) systems and investigates methods for achieving scalable, high-performance anonymous routing. Micah received his B.S.E., M.S.E., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award.

Calvin Newport

Calvin Newport is an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University. His research focuses on the theory of distributed algorithms.


Clay Shields

Clay Shields conducts research in computer and network security, focusing primarily on computer and network forensics, anonymous network protocols, tracing the source of network attacks, and secure wireless networks. I teach classes in security, networking, operating systems, and programming. He is also Director of the Georgetown Institute for Information Assurance, a cross-campus collaborative effort that addresses a range of problems in computer and network security and education.


Jami Montgomery

Jami Montgomery conducts research in big data visualization, computer graphics and networks. His current activity includes developing interactive high-resolution 2/3D terrain models for planetary bodies audio enhancement in VoIP networks. Jami teaches courses in computer graphics, image processing, networking and operating systems. Prior to Georgetown, he worked at AT&T/Lucent Bell Laboratories developing software and hardware tools used to support the telecommunication industry.

Charles Wessner

Dr. Charles Wessner currently teaches Global Innovation Policy at Georgetown University where he acts as a powerful advocate of effective innovation policies.  Previously, he served for two decades as a National Academies Scholar where he founded and directed of the National Academy of Sciences’ Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Program.  He is recognized nationally and internationally for his expertise on innovation policy, including public-private partnerships, entrepreneurship, early-stage financing for new firms, 21st century manufacturing, cybersecurity, and the special needs and benefits of high-technology industry.  As an outgrowth of his work with the U.S. government, he advises technology agencies, universities, and government ministries, including the Prime Ministers of countries in Europe and Asia.  In addition, he cooperates closely with international organizations and lectures at major universities in the U.S. and abroad. The overarching goal of his work is to develop a better understanding of how we can bring new technologies forward to address global challenges in health, climate, energy, water, infrastructure, and security. Reflecting his commitment to international cooperation, he was recently named an Officer of the Order of Merit by the President of France.


Gregory Klass

Gregory Klass is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. His scholarship focuses on contract law and legal theory. He writes on fraud liability between contracting parties, remedies for bad faith breach and other noncooperative behavior, intent to contract requirements, the relationship between contract law and extra-legal norms, and the general theory of contract law. Professor Klass received his BA from Carleton College, a PhD in philosophy from The Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research, and his JD from Yale Law School.


Nazli Goharian

Nazli Goharian is Clinical Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, and member of Information Retrieval Lab . Prior to joining Georgetown, she was Clinical Associate Professor of Computer Science and a member of the Information Retrieval Laboratory at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). She joined academia from industry, where she was the Project Manager for Data Warehouse Conferencing at MCI Worldcom.


Paul BrignerPaul Brigner, Senior Fellow

Paul Brigner is Director of Technology Policy at the Digital Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C. Until recently he was Managing Director of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC).  Prior to Georgetown he was the North American Bureau Director at the Internet Society, Chief Technology Policy Officer for the Motion Picture Association of America, and Executive Director of Internet and Technology Policy for Verizon.  Paul holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He received a Bachelors degree from Stephen F. Austin State University where he was named the Outstanding Computer Science Graduate.



Ernesto Camacho is providing administrative support to the S2ERC. He is a Senior at Georgetown.




Tavish Vaidya

Tavish is a Ph.D student at Georgetown University, advised by Prof. Micah Sherr. His primary research interest lies in network security, privacy and anonymity. He is also interested in usable security.



andrew stewart

Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart is a graduate student at Georgetown University pursuing a Masters of Science in Mathematics and Statistics. He completed his undergraduate work at California State University - Sacramento, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Andrew is also a Marine Corps veteran who completed three combat tours in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Before coming to Georgetown, he worked in defense contracting as a C4ISR subject matter expert, as well as statistics consulting for an international economic development firm. Andrew is currently working with Professor Eric Burger on Rural Call Completion, and seeking post-graduation employment as a data scientist. 

Matthew ChiangMatthew Chiang

Matthew Chiang is a senior at Georgetown University pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. He is currently working with Professor Eric Burger on the SIP Authenticated Identity Management project and related SIP projects, attempting to prevent identity spoofing of SIP callers. 


garrett hinck

Garrett Hinck

Garrett Hinck is a senior in the School of Foreign Service studying Science, Technology and International Affairs (STIA), focusing on cyber security. He is researching the implementation of the Wassenaar Arrangement's controls on intrusion software across its 41 member states for a STIA Honors Thesis project, with Professor Burger as his faculty mentor.


Katherine Schmidt

Katherine Schmidt is a senior at Georgetown University in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with a concentration in Security Studies. Katherine is working with Prof. Samuel Visner and Prof. Eric Burger to develop her senior thesis on examining U.S and Chinese cyber security norms.


 Nivu Jejurikar

Nivu Jejurikar is a senior at Georgetown University in the Walsh School of Foreign Service majoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Security Studies. Nivu has an interest in Computer Science and is working with both Prof. Eric Burger and Prof. Clare Sullivan on research regarding cyber security and cyber security policy.



David Wilke

David Wilke

David Wilke is a senior in the College majoring in Computer Science with minors in Government and Spanish. David is currently working on the Virtual Browser project, and has interests in promoting cybersecurity. 



Henry Cho

Henry Cho is a junior at Georgetown University majoring in computer science. He is currently working with Professor Eric Burger on the Virtual Browser Project. 



Jackson Irby

Jackson Irby

Jackson Irby is a junior at Georgetown University pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. Jackson’s current research interests lie in the development and advancement of cybersecurity technologies. He is currently working on the Virtual Browser project.



Elchin Asgalri

Elchin graduated with a Masters of Science in Computer Science from Georgetown University. His primary research interest are security, information sharing and software engineering. He is also interested in product development and technology management. Elchin is currently leading work at Google.


Julia Kieserman

Julia graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Her first position after graduating was as a Software Engineer at the S2ERC affiliate AT&T, working with OpenStack cloud development and exploring life down in Dallas, Texas.


James Pavur

James Pavur graduated from Georgetown University with a major in Science, Technology and International Affairs with a concentration in Science, Technology and Security. He worked with Professor Eric Burger on ISP-related policy research and also has an interest in cybersecurity and cybersecurity policy. His first position after graduating is as a Rhodes Scholar studying Cyber Security at Oxford.


Andrew Tabas


Andrew received an International Poltitics with a concentration in Security Studies degree from Georgetown University.  He was working with Professor Eric Burger on the CyberISE program.  His research interests include information sharing, autonomous vehicles, and the effect of big data analytics on cybersecurity. His first position after graduating is at The Cadmus Group.

Julian Lee

Julian Lee graduated with a Masters in Computer Science.  He also spent his undergraduate years at Georgetown University and earned a computer science Bachelors degree, and has a deep fascination with technology.  He has also independently developed and published a number Android apps, available in the App Store.  Julian's first position after graduation is at the Naval Surface Warfare Center and is using his computer science skills to work on naval defense systems.



Marika Van Laan

Marika is a master's student in Georgetown's Security Studies Program. Before Georgetown, Marika was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago where she studied Arabic and assisted research projects on terrorism. Since coming to Georgetown, she has shifted her focus to cyber security and plans to focus her future academic and professional endeavors in this field.  

Trent Stohrer

Trent holds a post-baccalaureate certificate from the Computer Science department at Georgetown University. He previously studied English Literature and Linguistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, worked with Professor Eric Burger as a staff researcher on Rural Call Completion, Cloud-Based Browsers, and other projects. His first position after the S2ERC is a fellowship to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for his Masters in Computer Science.

rachel wishnie-edwards

Rachel Wishnie-Edwards

Rachel graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Justice & Peace Studies. She assistet Professor Burger with the Rural Call Completion Project in the summer of 2016, and spent the fall working on the data team of the Campaigns and Elections Department at the National Education Association. 


 Russell Lange

Russell Lange graduated from Georgetown University in the McDonough School of Business majoring in Finance with a minor in Computer Science. Russell worked with Professor Eric Burger on research regarding the financial impacts of security breaches on publicly-traded companies. His first position after graduation is at Citigroup doing investment banking.


Kevin Carter

Kevin (SFS '16) is a recent alumni of Georgetown University, completing a major in Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) with a concentration on Business, Growth, and Development. He worked as a student worker in the STIA department as well as a Research Assistant alongside Dr. Wessner on the topics of innovation policy and entrepreneurship. Post graduation, worked with What's Mapnin' to create a large-scale caricature representation of Georgetown's campus and business community. Subsequently, he joined Venture for America. 

Visiting Students

Jennah Haque - 2019 - MIT: Computer Science / Economics

Bhavik Nagda - 2019 - MIT: Computer Science

Griffin Black - 2017 - Yale University: Law

Saroj Chintakrindi - 2017 - University of California, Berkeley: Computer Science

Charles Ezeugwu - 2017 - MIT: Mechanical Engineering

Pegah Moradi - 2017 - Cornell University: Computer Science / Government

Robert Ramírez - 2016 - MIT: Technology and Policy Program

Maria Stoica - 2015 - MIT: Computer Science


Russ Housley

Russ Housley has worked in the computer and network security field since 1982, and he founded Vigil Security, LLC in September 2002. Russ has been the chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF),  chair of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), and IETF Security Area Director. Russ was editor for several cornerstone Internet PKI standards (including RFC 3280). In November 2004, Russ was recognized by the IEEE for his contributions to IEEE 802.11i-2004. Russ received his B.S. in computer science from Virginia Tech in 1982, and he received his M.S. in computer science from George Mason University in 1992.

Sean Turner

Mr. Turner is an internationally recognized expert in standards and protocol development and is the founder of sn3rd LLC in 2015. He currently is the chair of the RTCWeb (Real-Time Communication for the web) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) working groups and in the past he was the Security Area Director of the IETF and co-chair of the S/MIME (secure email) and the XMPP (secure instant messaging) work groups. He wrote or edited the international standards for secure email, elliptic curve cryptography, and identifying the fatal flaws in SSL that today have resulted in all browser manufacturers dropping support for insecure protocols. He is published in the IEEE and has published a monograph on email security.