Select Current Projects at Other Sites

This is a snapshot of representative projects at other S2ERC sites. Visit the S2ERC site for an up-to-date list.


Selected Projects Currently Underway:

  • Archie++: a SMART-IDE for Protecting Security Architecture. Mehdi Mirakhorli; Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Attack Graph Modeling and Analysis. Ratnesh Kumar; Iowa State University.
  • Cloud-based Screening of Massive Data for Security Leaks in Enterprise Environments. Daphne Yao, Fang Liu; Virginia Tech.
  • Common Architecture Weakness Enumerations (CAWE).  Mehdi Mirakhorli; Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Components of a Modern Quality Approach to Software Development. Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage; Ball State
  • Cost Effective GNU Radio Direction Finding. Joseph Ernst; Virginia Tech.
  • Crypto-Physical Integrity Check of Wireless Networks. Sang Kim, Yong Guan; Iowa State
  • Cybersecurity Education Game. Paul Gestwicki; Ball State.
  • Data Mining for Network Performance Assessment. Dallas Snider, Thomas Reichherzer, Norman Wilde; UWF.
  • Evaluating CoNNeCTions. Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage; Ball State.
  • Identifying Insider Threats Using Large-Scale Data Stream Mining. Srikanta Tirthapura; Iowa State.
  • Intrusion Detection in the Cloud. Brian Pec, Daji Qiao, Wensheng Zhang; Iowa State
  • Lateral Malware Propagation. Joseph Ernst, Avik Sengupta; Virginia Tech.
  • Metrics for Secrecy and Resiliency for Cyber-Physical Systems. Ratnesh Kumar; Iowa State.
  • MIDAS – Metrics IDentification of Attack Surfaces. Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage; Ball State.
  • Protecting Consumer Information in Smart Grids using Homomorphic Encryption. Ahmed Abdelhadi; Virginia Tech.
  • Resilient Host-based Intusion Detection for Cloud Containers. Michael Fowler, Amr Abed; Virginia Tech.
  • Retrofitting Legacy Software to Multicore Hardware. Ugo Buy, Nick Green; UI at Chicago
  • Software Analytics. Dolores Zage, Wayne Zage; Ball State. National Science Foundation.
  • Testing-as-a-Service: Static Code Analysis (SCA) Tool Study - Phase 3. James Hill, Rajeev Raje; IUPUI.
  • Touch Screen Based Mobile Authentication. Akhilesh Tyagi; Iowa State
  • Towards Scalable Modeling for Rigorous Software Specification and Testing. Lan Lin; Ball State.
  • Unmanned System Cyber Security Evaluation in a C4ISR Architecture. Jonathan Black; Virginia Tech